Admission Guidelines

Age requirements for Pre-Primary students:
  • Toddlers Playschool: For children 2.6 to 3.11 years old who must be able to walk on their own and can follow simple instructions. The children must have 1 adult companion during the class who may be required to participate in some class activities.
  • Nursery: At least 4 years old by August 31 of the school year they will enroll in.
  • Kindergarten: At least 5 years old by August 31 of the school year they will enroll in (per DepEd DO No. 3, s. 2018). Only those who meet DepEd’s age cut-off requirement are issued the LRN or Learning Reference Number. If the child has no LRN, then he/she cannot be accepted for Grade 1, either in public or private schools.
Requirements for all new/incoming students:
  1. School Admission Test and Interview
    • Fill out the STEFTI Admission Application Form << link to Jotform >>
    • Wait for the Guidance Office to notify you of your test and interview schedule
  2. Testing Fee of Php 250.00
  3. Photocopy of the child’s NSO Birth Certificate
  4. Two recent ID photos (2×2 size)
  5. For Transferees: Photocopy of DepEd Form 138 (Report Card) from the last school you attended
  6. For Transferees: Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by the last school you attended
On the Admission Test:
  • At the Nursery and Kindergarten levels: The examiner will determine readiness of the child for school, based on his or her performance in tests that will cover basic skills such as Numbers Readiness, Literacy Development and Social Skills.
  • At the Grades 1 to 6 levels: The admission process will include an interview, oral reading test, and written tests in English and Mathematics.
  • At the High School level: The admission process will include an interview, essay writing, and written tests in English, Science and Mathematics.
Other Admission Policies:
  • Enrolment in any grade level will consider (1) the result of the Admission Test and Interview, and (2) the child’s grades and conduct in his/her previous school.
  • If the enrollment in a specific grade level is already at its full capacity, the Registrar’s Office will maintain a pool of waitlisted applicants who will be considered for admission if an opening becomes available.
  • Acceptance of ALL new students is PROBATIONARY, to be reviewed at the end of the school year. A student’s failure to satisfy the academic standards the school shall be a legal ground for its refusal to readmit him/her. A student who fails to follow the school’s rules and regulations may also be denied re-admission.
  • Compliance with school rules and regulations is not the sole responsibility of the student but also of the parents. Thus, parents’ refusal to follow the rules and regulations of the school, or gross non-compliance with the decisions and agreements of the Home-School-Community Partner­ship (HSCP) program may also be a legal ground for denying their child’s re-admission.
    In STEFTI, the teaching of the Catholic doctrine and the participation in Catholic services such as the Holy Eucharist and special feast day celebrations are an integral part of the student’s formation. Thus, preferential option shall be accorded to enrollees whose parents/guardians are Catholics. However, non-Catholics are also allowed admission provided, that the parents/guardians will agree with the teachings, practices, standards and norms of the school on character building which are based on Catholic values, short of active proselytization of non-Catholics into the Catholic religion.

To learn more about attending STEFTI, or to get updates about your application, contact the Registrar at (+6353) 888-2224 or (+63) 918-964-6164, or email or