Student Clubs and Interest Groups

Academics make up just one aspect of a typical day in STEFTI. Students are encouraged to develop their talents and discover new interests outside the classroom by joining clubs, varsity teams and special groups. Here are some of them:

Note: Credit to Noel Castillo and the social media accounts of STEFTI parents, students & teachers for the photos used here. We hope to add more photos, and update the list of clubs, over the course of this new school year.

STEFTI Pupil Government (Elementary) and Student Councils (High School)


Advisers: Aime Alvarez, Helen Lora, Edward Eloja, Rafael James Suello, Jomelia Nicer, Edchel Leuterio, Danilo Estola, Ian Enage and others

STEFTI Senior Scouts, Boy Scouts & Rover Scouts

Advisers: Jeramil Suello, Benito Prince Megan Pino  

STEFTI Girls Scouts & Senior Girls Scouts

Advisers: Clemenne Enna Naputo, Charity Daguil, Jill Redrendo, Christine Catubay

Liturgical Services

Advisers: Mercedita Pretencio, Kristian Neil Alicando

STEFTI Debaters Guild

Advisers: Ma. Ninfa Josol, Kristian Neil Alicando

STEFTI The Herald (Elementary) and The Herald Tribune (High School)

Advisers: Jenelle Mia Balboa, Nadia Regina Mamita, Eric Daguil, Joseph Chuca

STEFTI Chess and DAMATH Club

STEFTI Elementary Dance Troupe

Adviser: Jeramil Suello

STEFTI Dance Company (High School)

Advisers: Nieson Castil, Josephine Castil

STEFTI Children’s Choir and Youth Choir

Advisers: Teresa Gler-Manreza, Clark Gravoso

STEFTI Rondalla Ensemble

Adviser: Ruby Conge-Ramos

STEFTI Instrumentalists

Advisers: Teresa Gler-Manreza, Clark Gravoso