The STEFTI logo is depicted by a red rose near a flame amidst a background of blue.

St. Therese promised: “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses”. The rose represents all her acts of love, done in her “little way”. This is the spirituality of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. This, too, is the reason why the school is named after St. Therese. We believe that holiness is within the reach of every man, woman, and child as they offer the daily ordinary tasks lovingly to the Lord.

The flame stands for the fire of the Holy Spirit whose guidance and inspiration we humbly pray for, as well as the light of knowledge. Through our academic programs may we in our own small way help to dispel the darkness of ignorance.

The green leaf is a symbol of ever-growing life. We pray that the school will always be receptive to ideas and fresh innovations.

The blue background stands for heaven – our ultimate goal. May heaven smile kindly on our efforts. 

St. Therese Hymn

Lyrics and Music by Melvin G. Corpin

Dear St. Therese
Sweet St. Therese
A flower blooming in God’s love
Our voice we raise
To sing your praise
For teaching us His ways

Dear St. Therese
Sweet St. Therese
A symbol of God’s faithfulness
In you we feel His love is real
In you we can be free 

We love you dearly
Forever dearly
We thank the Lord up above
For His everlasting love

Dear St. Therese
Sweet St. Therese
A little flower so meek and true
You guide our path
You mold our ways
That we will be like Jesus
In all our days.