STEFTI Home-School-Community Partnership (HSCP)

“It takes a village to raise a child.” (African proverb)

In STEFTI, we believe strongly in harnessing the combined efforts of the school, the home, and the community, in the holistic education of the child. Thus, we expanded the traditional Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) and replaced it with the more inclusive, more proactive Home-School-Community Partnership (HSCP).

Under the HSCP, decisions that impact on the development, growth and learning of the students, which are not covered by the Board of Trustees and school management, or even those that are so covered but which the school wants the HSCP to be involved with, are undertaken with the active consultation and participation of the parents, school staff, and key members of the community.

For more information about the HSCP – its membership, structure, Constitution and By-Laws, go to Downloadable Forms/Documents.

HSCP Officers (SY 2019-2020)


Chair: Mr. Jonathan P. Calvara
Vice-Chair: Mr. Roy T. Nebrija
Secretary: Mrs. Araceli M. Baysa
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Leo L. Larraga
Treasurer: Mr. Cesar Miguel S. Escaño
Assistant Treasurer: Engr. Serafin S. Lago, Jr.
Auditor: Mrs. Florie B. Piczon
Communication Officer: Atty. Vevelyn O. Monsanto
Adviser: Mrs. Sonia C. Palami

 ChairBoard Coordinator
SPIRITUALMs. Katrina Mae C. OctavianoMrs. Araceli M. Baysa
HEALTH & SAFETYDr. Sean M. DeclaradorAtty. Vevelyn O. Monsanto
ACADEMIC  Mr. Cesar Miguel S. Escaño
SPORTSMr. Vianilo P. BaylonMr. Roy T. Nebrija
SOCIO-CULTURAL Ms. Emelie CahingcoyMrs. Florie B. Piczon
SOCIAL ACTIONBillyMr. Jonathan P. Calvara
WAYS & MEANSMs. Maria Evelyn D. LarragaEngr. Serafin S. Lago, Jr.
ADHOC COMMITTEE Members: Atty. Rowena Mari Guc-ong, Mr. Mariano Carlos Noel, Mrs. Luchie A. Rivera, Mr. Leslie C. Fuentes, Atty. Rogelio P. Gula