Prayer Room and Chapel

STEFTI’s educational philosophy is deeply rooted in our belief that this is God’s school, and that our efforts and aptitude are no match for His. It is because of this conviction that we consider the Prayer Room as the “powerhouse” in our school.

The Prayer Room is a place for students to nourish their spiritual needs by spending time in meditation and prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The faculty and staff have individual and group schedules for regular prayers in the Prayer Room. Parents and guardians are also encouraged to visit during their free time.

To better serve the spiritual needs of the school, STEFTI has started to build its own 300-seater chapel on campus. This is a flagship project of the Home School Community Partnership (HSCP).


The STEFTI library supports our curriculum and is intended to provide access to current and appropriate information resources. There are two libraries to serve the students’ needs: one for the Primary levels and the other for the High School. Both are equipped with educational and informational resources that aid in the teaching and learning process.

Internet access on school computers is likewise available upon request at the High School Library for the use of students who need computer and Internet access to do their research.

Tutorial/Intervention Program

Tutoring is an academic service designed to meet the needs of students who are having difficulty with their studies. Teachers may recommend which students need tutorial intervention, or parents may request for a tutor if they feel their child is in need of special assistance. Some students require regular and individualized tutorial sessions, while others need remedial sessions on specific lessons or concepts only. Depending on the child’s needs, the Guidance Office facilitates the schedule and assigning of the tutor once the child signs up for the Tutorial Program.

Also, firm in its belief that every child CAN learn, for several years now STEFTI has been accepting children with special needs although the school has no formal Special Education program in place. The teachers and the administration tried hard to meet these children’s needs. Good intentions are not enough, however, so initial measures have been taken towards setting up a SPED Program to address the special needs of children that are not met in our regular classrooms. It is hoped that eventually STEFTI will be a school equipped and competent enough to handle the special needs of all learners.

Guidance and Counseling Program

STEFTI provides comprehensive and inclusive services that promote personal and academic growth of students, enabling them to become lifelong learners and productive members of the society. The Student Affairs and Conduct Administrator (SACA) and the school counselors work in collaboration and partnership with the students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community to accomplish its goals in support of the STEFTI mission.

Services designed to support the academic success and personal/social development of STEFTI students include:

  • Individual Inventory
  • The Achiever’s Program
  • Empowerment Program for Students at Risk
  • Career Seminar Series for High School Students
  • Academic Enrichment and Tutoring Assistance Program
  • Counseling, Referral and Follow-up
  • Group Guidance
    Standardized Assessment
To contact our school counselors and for questions/concerns regarding Student Affairs and Conduct, you can email or

Sports Program

The school’s athletics program is centered on the principle that sports serves as an extension of classroom learning, and that participation in athletics contributes to the full growth of STEFTI students.

STEFTI offers a variety of sports which include football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, dragon boat racing, wall climbing, etc. The school provides most, if not all, of the equipment needed for these sports. Training activities are usually held at the PRA Auditorium, the basketball court, football field, or when necessary, in off-campus training sites. While students may take part in these sports on their own, membership in any of the school’s varsity teams is subject to school guidelines. [Please see the section on Special Interest Groups for more information on varsity team membership.]

Medical and Health Services

Composed of two nurses, a physician, and a dentist, the health services staff promote and maintain the physical health of the school population. The School Clinic is open during regular school hours and provides first aid and emergency care for illnesses that occur in school during the day. The clinic personnel also make their services available for extra-curricular and off-campus school activities upon request.

Parents should consult their family physician in case of symptoms that manifest outside of school hours, and if warranted, inform the school about this. It is also important that parents notify the school if their child is prone to severe allergies and/or life-threatening reactions or if he has a medical condition that requires special and regular medication and attention.

Food Courts

STEFTI currently has two Food Courts to serve the school population. These are managed by a cooperative composed of STEFTI employees. Each has several food stalls that offer affordable and nutritious meals and snacks.

Starting in 2018, STEFTI banned the use of plastic straws and bags, Styrofoam and single-use plastic food containers, and disposable utensils as part of its #STEFTIPlasticFree Campaign. Students are asked to bring their own reusable utensils, food containers and tumblers.

Safety and Security

To protect and secure the school population while inside the campus or within the perimeter of the school, STEFTI maintains a security force stationed in strategic areas in the school.
The Security Officers are skilled in their work and receive regular trainings to enable them to better serve the school as they maintain peace and order and protect life and property inside the school.

STEFTI also conducts regular multi-hazard drills (e.g. Fire and Earthquake Drills) and other disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness activities in school.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Depending on the funds raised by the school, and the parameters set by the donors and benefactors, STEFTI gives differentiated levels of financial assistance to deserving students and their families. Among the factors that come into play when deciding on the beneficiaries and the amount of assistance they receive are: the family’s economic/financial neediness; the child’s academic and extra-curricular performance; the parents’ job performance in school (for employees with children studying in STEFTI); and the parents’ level of involvement in organizations affiliated with STEFTI (i.e. Cornerstone Faith Community, which spearheads the Christian formation activities for students and staff).