Inspired by the Little Way of St. Therese of the Child Jesus,
STEFTI aspires to be a leading educational institution in the country,
where heart, mind and character grow best.


STEFTI is committed to achieve this by:

  1. Providing a holistic formation of students, allowing them to nurture and use their diverse gifts to serve God and humanity.
  2. Creating an inclusive and innovative learning environment that values excellence, integrity, respect, and social responsibility.
  3. Supporting the professional and personal growth of its faculty and staff in a caring and collaborative atmosphere.
  4. Building strong partnerships with the home and the community, where students can become positive influencers and changemakers.

Core Values

Living the Gospel values in one's personal life and in interpersonal dealings. This includes proper behavior in an organization.

Strong drive to rise above mediocrity; of doing even ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Readily responding to a perceived need and assuming accountability for one's actions.

Faithfully adhering to the STEFTI philosophy, vision, mission and goals.

Practical application of Christ’s commandment to love: rendering loving service unconditionally.

Living the Gospel values in one's personal life and in interpersonal dealings. This includes proper behavior in an organization.

”…the greatest… is love.” (1 Cor. 13:13) Loving in thought, in word, and in deed.

Inner dive for what is true ... good ... and beautiful.

Active love and continuing quest for leaning about things of the world... about life ... and about God.

Never letting one's life be sterile; striving to be the best one can be.


The STEFTI is a Catholic school that operates on the following set of beliefs:

  1. that Christian education is most needed in Philippine society;
  2. that total human development should be consciously and consistently woven into every effort of the school;
  3. that enhanced professional and personal growth of faculty and staff improves educational environment significantly;
  4. that instructional technology provides many benefits to the education process;
  5. that the school community should be aware of and responsive to the changing needs of society;
  6. that the home is a potent partner of the school in the education of the children.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To enhance the Christian Formation Program for students, faculty, staff and parents.
  • To integrate Christian Living curriculum in all grade levels
  • To conduct biannual retreats and recollections for students, faculty and staff
  • To encourage membership in the Cornerstone Faith Community
  • To provide parenting seminars at least once a year


  1. To foster programs that will promote the holistic formation of students.
  • To celebrate Are You OK? Day every year, in which students are encouraged to check in on others, with the hope of normalizing conversations around mental health; this is to coincide with Suicide Prevention Month
  • To participate in community events and competitions sponsored by DEPED and other agencies
  • To conduct school-wide academic contests every month
  • To enhance programs for sports, the performing arts and academic excellence


  1. To enrich the learning environment with innovations and progressive technological trends.
  • To upgrade school internet connectivity system to ensure reliable connection during synchronous classes
  • To assign IT specialists per department to provide technical assistance to teachers
  • To provide new and upgraded sets of computers and other electronic gadgets to aid teachers in their instruction


  1. To develop social awareness and responsibility among the STEFTI community.
  • To increase membership in the Social Action Committee by at least 50% for easier mobilisation of resources when responding to communities in need
  • To conduct immersion programs in vulnerable communities every quarter with activities like gift-giving, skill sharing, and tutoring
  • To grant a yearly recognition award for students who practice and advocate for social justice and environmentalism


  1. To provide opportunities for professional and personal growth of faculty and staff.
  • To outsource Learning Experience Designers to help teachers design lessons that will boost student engagement in remote learning settings
  • To develop a mentoring program for new teachers
  • To provide trainings or workshops on the teaching pedagogy related to the subject of the teacher
  • To provide personal growth trainings biannually that cover a wide range of topics spanning from Financial Literacy to Mental Health Management.


  1. To strengthen partnerships with the home and the larger community.
  • To hold quarterly Parent-Teacher Conference
  • To involve parents in the development programs and activities by assigning them to the different working committees
  • To participate regularly in the different socio-civic activities initiated by the local government and other agencies or organizations