We’re 100 days smarter and stronger!! We’ve been loving school for 100 days today!

So do streamers, banners, and captions scream along the Pre-Primary corridors as the little tots celebrate their 100th day of face-to-face classes in STEFTI. Yes, we keep track of the number of days left for Christmas, or for graduation.  We even tally the number of kilometers we had run for a week and all.  But in STEFTI, the kindergarten pupils look forward to celebrating their 100th day anniversary learning, loving, playing and laughing with their new-found friends in school!

Although classes this school year started last July 29 online, today, March 1, Is their 100th day to be physically interacting with other kids and teachers. Parents and guardians, too, marveled to see how much the little ones had grown and achieved in school to date.  There were activities in learning stations in the nursery classrooms such as pasting 100, making 100 colorful dots, writing 100 letters and stamping 100 fingerprints.  The kindergarten classrooms had a count-down chart from 100th day to day zero. 

Here are some snippets showing what the kids have accomplished and what skills they’ve mastered in their 100th day in the classroom. 

Colorful balloons, attractive streamers and happy classmates met us as we walked along the corridors– we’re excited to be loving our school for a hundred days already!

The Pre-Primary work force behind the success of the 100th day celebration, strike a pose with the school Vice-President. Thank you, STEFTI Admin for the unending support!

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